EUROCIRCLE – European Project Management
and international youth mobility

1. Portfolio of the organization

  • EUROCIRCLE supports the building of development partnerships with project partners from neighboring European countries and third countries
  • EUROCIRCLE develops and supports intercultural projects that implemented in the framework of European programs, in particular in the fields of ecology, culture, social affairs, education and employment
  • EUROCIRCLE conceives, plans and implements European mobility projects under the European programs Youth in Action, Leonardo da Vinci as well as bilateral funding programs such as the FGYO or the DFS or the European Social Fund
  • EUROCIRCLE designs, organizes and moderates networks, contests, PR activities and events such as the annual Europe day on 9th Of May for the Municipality of Marseille, as well as the representations of the EU Parliament and Commission in France.
  • EUROCIRCLE evaluates EU policies, programs and projects2. Who we are – The AssociationEUROCIRCLE combines technical expertise with financial and management expertise for the realization of complex transnational projects, i. e. we combine the development of projects, strategic consulting with the concrete implementation and take responsibility for the success of the whole project. Our professional focus is in the areas of informing, sensitization and consultation about European funding programs and mobility. At our headquarters in Marseille, we offer our clients an extensive range of services from strategy development to conceptualization, from planning to financing, management and evaluation of programs and projects.

EUROCIRCLE was founded in Berlin in 1992 as a European confederation of independent promoters of the social, educational and employment services. In January 1996, the association was established as a French non-profit organization with the headquarters located in Marseille; an affiliate Eurocircle Germany is located in Berlin.
EUROCIRCLE has ccoordinated transnational projects with competent partners at local, regional and international levels for more than 20 years. We use our contacts in the international arena in the arrangement of project consortia, e.g. for application in the framework of international programs. Our partners include the European Union institutions, government departments and local authorities, associations, foundations, businesses, educational institutions and private clients.

3. About us – Management, Team and its philosophy

EUROCIRCLE is legally represented by its President, Stéphane Francois and managed by its chairman, the founder of EUROCIRCLE, Ralf Matrutzki, as well as by the Director Julien Roletto and his deputy Marie Wittamer.

The EUROCIRCLE team consists of 15 dedicated employees from different subject fields and with different socio-cultural backgrounds. Thanks to the permanent presence of about 12 European and French volunteers, EUROCIRCLE has become in recent years one of the leading agencies in the field of European youth mobility. The employees are experienced psychologists, sociologists , anthropologists , political scientists, economists, media specialists and cultural workers who, in addition to their respective practice areas, possess thorough and extensive know- how in the fields of European Project Management, interculturality and networking. The EUROCIRCLE team also possesses extensive knowledge and experience regarding planning and implementation of regional, national and international projects and programs. We assemble an efficient and competent team according to the requirements of each undertaking, which guarantees the optimal implementation of each project or program.
EUROCIRCLE is committed to the values of the international solidarity, sustainable development and anti-discrimination in all its activities and has made it its mission to fill the term Europe with life, and to contribute to tolerance, equality and intercultural dialogue.

4.  Themes

Since 2004, EUROCIRCLE has been a regional operator in the “Youth Mobility in Europe”, especially for the target group of disadvantaged young people, and has enabled many young people to a first intercultural or professional experience abroad with the help of  the EU programs “Youth” and its follow-up program “Youth in Action”, as well as “Leonardo da Vinci” and “Grundtvig”.
Thanks to our transnational networking activities, we had quickly gained partners in more than 40 countries and were able to send European volunteers to Cambodia, Brazil and New York and were awarded a label of a “European NGO” by the EU Commission in 2006. In 2011, about 200 French young people between 16 and 30 years were sent abroad as part of various mobility programs and over 100 young Europeans were given a chance to gain first intercultural and practical work experience in southern France.

Our work was also rewarded by the French Ministry of Youth, which has actively supported us within the framework of the experimental mobility actions since 2009. The former youth minister personally made sure of the progress of the project “Majic” or the ESF projects VISTE and VISTA Pro.

Since the beginning of 2013, EUROCIRCLE represented, together with the Conseil Régional PACA, the Conseil Général des Bouches du Rhone and the DRJSCS PACA, the country France in the transnational learning partnership “Mobility ” lead by the German Ministry of Labour and Social Affairs to develop a new mobility program for disadvantaged young people for the period 2014-2020.

EUROCIRCLE is also a transnational partner for other research and development projects, for example in the framework of the violence prevention program “Daphne” or “Human Rights”-tender of DG Justice of the EU Commission and organizes a street theater festival with young artists from the twin cities of Hamburg and Shanghai. Condition of this success story is a long-term, trusting cooperation with partners in the local authorities, the EU Commission, state institutions and big promoters in the field of integration, education, culture and youth.

5. Services

  • Consulting for promoters in the conception, planning and realization of European projects in general and youth mobility projects in particular.
  • Informational events and awareness campaigns on EU funding programs; detailed but concise, extensive but individually treated providing of current information, especially about the funding of the European Union through the publication of EUROCIRCLE-News and daily updating of the website
  • Research, acquisition and integration of transnational organizations for and with regional organizations and institutions in different project areas
  • Coordination, hosting and receiving of European volunteers in the framework of the EU program Erasmus +
  • Coordination, hosting and receiving of foreign trainees under the Leonardo program of the European Union or bilateral programs such as IdA or within the DFJWs or DFS
  • Direct individual counseling for young people and youth groups as well as advanced education courses and trainings for youth social workers about international exchanges and voluntary service abroad
  • Coordination of European Voluntary Service for regional host organizations and supporting regional non-profit organizations in the accreditation of a placement for the European Voluntary Service
  • Management of the contacts to national and international coordinating bodies

Implementation of the European model and pilot projects in the areas of youth, mobility, education, employment, culture, social and environmental issues, which are funded by the European Commission, the various national ministries, local authorities and foundations.